Don Jazzy - My viral video get me in trouble with a woman

Don Jazzy

My viral video get me in trouble with a woman - Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy the CEO and music producer of mavin records label, open up on how the massage video he posted on his Instagram page got him into trouble with ladies.


Speaking during the recent episode of Doyin’s Corner podcast, Don Jazzy narrated how a 2022 viral video of him massaging a lady’s backside got him in trouble with his fans, especially his female admirers.


In his words:


“You’re a nosy interviewer. A lot of people didn’t like the massage video that I did. There was a massage video that I did, I was promoting my music. Ehn, some people did not like that I was massaging bum bum.


“I feel like a lot of people were not happy about that. I have different reasons why I feel like some people were not happy about it. One was that it was very shocking considering that it was out of character.


“Normally, I don’t normally do that. Number two, obviously I have been in the game for a long time. So to an extent, I do have people that admire me, like women. So jealousy wan kill some of them so they just started getting angry.


“Jealousy can lead you to be more angry na. Jealousy can make you to be more angry.”


When asked if he felt he lost a bit of admirers that period, he reacted:


“Them dey toast me like that? [laughs]. Well, yes. There were some people that were angry. Ah! E pained them well well. Ah! “Oh my god. I’m crushed. My crush has crushed me.” Some people unfollowed me, but they followed me back. Things like that.”





Originally posted on September 16, 2023 @ 7:50 am

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