Nigeria Postal Code/Zip Code : Revealed

Nigeria Postal Code : Discover the secrets of effective addressing



In today's fast-paced world, accurate addressing is critical for smooth communication and efficient service delivery using Nigeria Zip Code.

Nigeria's postal code system plays an important role in ensuring accurate and prompt delivery of mail and parcels.

This comprehensive guide deciphers the true meaning of postal codes, explains how to use them effectively, and provides a complete list of postal codes/zip codes for all 36 states in Nigeria. 

Nigeria's postal code


  Understand postal codes/zip codes: Nigeria Postal Code

A postal code/Zip number is a numeric code assigned to a specific geographic area or location and is also called a postal code in some countries.


These help categorize locations, making it easier to accurately route mail and packages to their intended destination.


Nigeria's postal code/zip code system follows a consistent pattern, with each code representing a specific state, local government area (LGA), district, or even a specific building or street.


  How to use postal codes: /Nigeria Postal Code

Follow these simple steps to use the Nigerian postal code system effectively.


1. Verify the correct code. Please refer to the list below to find the correct postal code for your area.

If you are unsure, please contact your local post office or use our Nigerian postcode lookup.

2. Provide a code: When addressing letters, packages, or online forms, be sure to include your postal code.

This ensures accurate sorting and routing.

3. Format: When writing a physical address, the postal code must be on the last line, followed by the city/town, state, or country.


 Complete list of postal codes : Nigeria Postal Code

Below is a comprehensive list of postal codes for each of Nigeria's 36 states, providing a quick reference for easily locating your address (Nigeria Postal Code)


  Frequently asked questions about postal codes in Nigeria: (FAQS)


 Q1. Why is it important to provide a postal code?  

A1. Providing a postal code allows your mail and packages to be processed accurately and efficiently, reducing the risk of misdelivery or delays. 

It also makes it easier for service providers to find and reach your destinations.  

 Q2. If my postal code is not on the list, how do I look it up? 


A2. If you cannot find a particular postal code in the list provided, please use the Nigeria Postal Code Search on the official website of the Nigeria Postal Service (NIPOST). or drop your comment below, we will provide postal code of the location 

 please refer to. Please enter your address details to receive the correct code. 

  Q3. If my zip code is unavailable, can I use a zip code from a nearby location?

A3. To ensure accurate delivery, we recommend providing the exact zip code for your specific location. 

Using nearby codes can result in misdirection and delays.  

 Q4. Are postal codes in Nigeria unique for each address?  


A4. Postal codes are primarily used for broad geographic classification, but some areas, such as individual buildings or roads, are assigned unique codes.

There may be. Please contact your local post office for more information. 


  1. Diploma:  

Nigeria's Postal Code/Zip Code System is an essential tool for seamless addressing and efficient postal delivery.

By understanding the meaning of postal codes and how to use them effectively and accessing a comprehensive list of postal codes in Nigeria, you will be well-equipped to deliver your mail and packages accurately and quickly.

Harness the power of precise addressing and experience a hassle-free communication system in Nigeria.

Remember, your zip code is the key to smooth delivery and hassle-free email management.

If you adopt this wisely, your communication efforts will be efficient and accurate.

Complete list of postal codes in Nigeria:

Nigeria Postal code

  Below is a comprehensive list of postal codes for each of Nigeria's 36 states, providing a quick reference for easily locating your address.


1) Abia State (Umuahia): 440001

2) Adamawa State (Yola): 640001

3) Akwa Ibom State (Uyo): 520001


4) Anambra State (Awka): 420001


5) Bauchi State (Bauchi): 740001


6) Bayelsa State (Yenagoa): 561001

7) Borno State (Maiduguri): 600001Cross

8) River State (Calabar): 540001

9) Delta State (Asaba): 320001


10) Ebonyi State (Abakaliki): 480001


11) Edo State (Benin City): 300001


12) Ekiti State (Ado-Ekiti): 360001


13) Enugu State (Enugu): 400001


14) Gombe State (Gombe): 760001


15) Imo State (Owerri): 460001


16) Jigawa State (Dutse): 720001


17) Kaduna State (Kaduna): 700001


18) Kano State (Kano): 700001

19) Katsina State (Katsina): 820001


20) Kebbi State (Birnin Kebbi): 860001

21) Kogi State (Lokoja): 260001


22) Kwara State (Ilorin): 240001

23) Lagos State (Lagos Island): 101001


24) Nasarawa State (Lafia): 962001

25) Niger State (Minna): 920001


26) Ogun State (Abeokuta): 110001

27)Ondo State (Akure): 340001


28) Osun State (Oshogbo): 230001

29) Oyo State (Ibadan): 200001


30) Plateau State (Jos): 930001

31) Rivers State (Port Harcourt): 500001


32) Sokoto State (Sokoto): 840001

33) Taraba State (Jalingo): 660001


34) Yobe State (Damaturu): 620001

35) Zamfara State (Gusau): 860001

36) Benue (Makurdi) 970001


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