Where is Mohbad's Shadow? ( video)

Where is Mohbad's Shadow? The Viral video in question showcases Mohbad and a friend exuberantly dancing why on know to everyone that mohbad shadow is not showing at all but the second person he was dancing with shadow's is showing "Mohbad's Shadow"


However, the perplexing aspect was that while Mohbad's friend cast a distinct shadow on the wall behind them, Mohbad himself remained devoid of any visible shadow.



It's feasible that the angle and intensity of the light source were perfectly aligned to create a shadow for two people but unfortunately the result is different.


Shadows are influenced by factors like light direction and intensity, as well as the relative positioning of the individuals involved.


Mohbad's Dance Style:

Another intriguing possibility is that Mohbad's dance style was so distinctive and fluid that his movements somehow disrupted the formation of a discernible shadow.

viral video below 👇Mohbad's Shadow


This would serve as a testament to his exceptional dancing prowess.

The enigma of "Where is Mohbad's Shadow?" may never yield a conclusive answer.


While Mohbad's shadow may remain elusive, his talent and charm continue to shine brightly in the hearts of his fans.

This viral video only adds to the mystique surrounding this exceptional artist.


Originally posted on September 25, 2023 @ 5:08 am

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